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Ram Sire Test

Each year the WWGA offers a ram sire test designed to provide producers with information on key genetic traits of their animals. Conducted in cooperation with, and through, the University of Wyoming, the tests are open to any producer interested in improving herd genetics.

In late September, the “White Face Ram Sire Test” is offered, and includes wool traits on the indices. This test runs for 140 days; ending about mid-March of the following year. 

For more information on the test, please click on the respective links below.


rambouillet ram.jpg

2024-2025 Ram Test

Ram Test Information | Entry Information

2020-2021 Final Results: 

Ram Test Results Summary


2019-2020 Final Results: 

WY Certified Rambouillet


2018-2019 Final Results: 

WY Certified Rambouillet


2017-2018 Final Results: 

WY Certified Rambouillet


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