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Wyoming Select Bred Ewe Sale Info

Ewe Information & Data

Information on sale ewes will be posted as it is received. You are encouraged to call individual consignors with any specific questions you may have.

Forbes Rambouillet

Selling bred broken-mouthed, bred yearlings, and open ewe lambs
5 head of bred broken-mouthed ewes- lamb May 10
10 head of bred yearlings- lamb May 10
15 head of open ewe lambs

Flock averages 20 micron
Bred ewes were exposed to the 3rd high indexing buck from the 2022 ND Ram Test. These ewes can be registered.

Maria Geis Targhees

Selling bred running age ewes and open ewe lambs

5 head of 2 year old bred ewes
7 head of open ewe lambs

These ewes were shorn 3/25/2023. Exposed to lamb in March-April. Lambing to Targhee buck. Vaccinated 6/25/23. Heavy, fine (20-22 micron), long stapled fleeces. Hearty, high quality ewes.

Garrett Julian- Targhee and Rambouillet

Selling bred broken-mouthed ewes and bred running age ewes

6 head of Targhee broken-mouthed bred ewes- bred to registered Targhee buck

10 head of broken-mouthed bred ewes- bred Targhee x Rambouillet
4 head of Targhee x Rambouillet bred running age ewes- bred to registered Targhee buck

These ewes were shorn 5/11/2023. Exposed to lamb in May. Average micron 21-22. The Targhee buck used was the high indexing buck on the UW Ram test in 2023.

UW LREC- Rambouillet

Selling 15 head of open Rambouillet ewe lambs

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Tom Brown- Babydoll Southdowns, Rambouillets, and Targhee x Rambouillet

Selling bred exposed ewe lambs, bred running age, and bred yearlings
5 babydoll Southdown bred running age ewes (registered)
5 commercial (Targhee x Rambouillet) exposed ewe lambs- born February 2023*
6 Peterson-Brown Registered bred running age ewes- 2021/2022 born**
4 Targhee x Rambouillet Bred Yearling ewes**

All white face/Rambouillet ewes will average 21 micron. All white face ewes exposed to Rambouillet bucks.
*Exposed for May 1 lambing; exposed ewe lambs will sell open or bred; pregnancy status will be indicated day prior.
**Exposed for April 15 lambing

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