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The WWGA is overseen by an 11 member Board of WWGA members elected by their peers during the WWGA’s Annual Convention. Members of the Executive Board must be active members in good standing of the Association. The Executive Board manages the affairs of the Association including the hiring and fixing of salaries of employees, offering awards, auditing accounts and any other appropriate business of the Organization. The day-to-day affairs of the Association are overseen by the Executive Committee, which is comprised of the President, the President-elect, and the Vice President.


Executive Director
Alison Crane

Sheep specialist, Alison Crane was selected in July 2022 as the Wyoming Wool Growers Association executive director.


Crane's background in small ruminant research and extension, combined with a passion for working with sheep producers and promoting the sheep industry, will help to further advance the mission of the association as it celebrates its 120th year of representing the state’s sheep and wool producers. 

Exclusive Services


Mike Curuchet
(307) 351-6404


Vice President
Cat Urbigkit


Immediate Past President
Regan Smith
(307) 754-3130
Ex-Officio - Non-Voting

lamb sketch.png

Heather Jones

(307) 431-0985
Regional Director: Region I
Term expires: 2025 (1st term)

Gwen Geis.jpg

Gwen Geis

(307) 680-7456
Regional Director: Region II
Term Expires: 2025 (1st Term)


Marvin Schmidt

(307) 840-5544
Industry Director: Lamb Feeder
Term Expires: 2024 (1st Term)


Ivan Laird
(307) 332-9158
Industry Director: Small Flocks
Term Expires: 2024 (2nd Term)


Alodie Moore, Treasurer

Industry Director: Financial
(307) 265-4311


Whit Stewart, P.h.D.

Assistant Professor,
Extension Sheep Specialist
Univ. of WY College of Agriculture
Dept. of Animal Science
(307) 766-5374
Ex-Officio - Non-Voting


Marcia Federer

(WWGA Auxiliary Representative)
(307) 631-8025
Ex-Officio - Non-Voting

Joe Bailey Mills.jpeg

Joe Bailey Mills

President- UW CWGA

Collegiate Wool Growers Association Representative

Region Map_Board Members-Updated.png
Tessa Maurer Headshot_edited.jpg

Tessa Maurer

Vice President- UW CWGA

Collegiate Wool Growers Secondary Representative



Let's Work Together

“Every man owes part of his time and money to the industry or business in which he is engaged...No man has the moral right to withhold his support for an organization that is striving to improve conditions within his sphere.”

                                                                      President Theodore Roosevelt

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