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2022 Ram Sale Highlights

Sale Highlights.png

High Selling Ram & Top Selling Rambouillet - Lot 43 from Forbes, Rabel & McGivney 
sold for $3100
purchased by Netz ranch

Top Selling
Targhee, Lot 56 (not pictured) 
from Short Grass Genetics
sold for $2500
purchased by Nine Mile Sheep Co



Top Selling Columbia Lot 78 from Russell & Kathy Bell 
brought $2500
purchased by Roger Ploeger


Top Selling
Hampshire Yearling
Lot 83AB from
Smith Sheep & Stuff
sold for $1000 each
bought by TJ Livestock


Top Selling Suffolk Yearling
Lot 103B from
J & A Phillips Ranch
sold for $2200
bought by Nick Maneotis


Lot 98AB - Top Selling
Suffolk|Hampshire Yrlg
from J & A Phillips Ranch
brought $2000
bought by Roger Ploeger

Top Selling Suffolk Lambs 
Lot 108A,B (not pictured)
from Maneotis Ranch
sold for $900 each
to the Gosney Ranch 

Top Selling
Suffolk|Hampshire Lambs
Lot 118A (not pictured)
from Foley Ranch
sold for $1200 
bought by M Diamond Livestock


Donated from Smith Sheep Co
Lot 1 - WWGA Ram 

sold for $2500 to
Brad Boner & Frank Moore

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